Short Films

The Nostalgist Offers A Glimpse How VR May Help You’ll To Escape Reality

Virtual Reality today is still immature or say quite limited to what it can actually achieve. The kind of immersion it can achieve when it completely matures leaves us curious considering what it offers today. The Nostalgist tries to showcase what will VR be like in the far future and how will it affect our lives.

The Nostalgist is a science fiction short film based on Daniel H Wilson‘s short story of the same name. Set in a dystopian future, The Nostalgist centres around a boy and his grandfather. A world so fake, with bright and pristine landscape covering up the bleak reality of the future. Although everything feels normal at the start suddenly things get weird.

The film is surprisingly well directed and the VFX are really top-notch for a short film. One can say that even if the concept is not as new as it seems to be the film makes it come alive brilliantly. The scale and quality of science fiction films in the short form continue to impress.

This movie was Directed by Giacomo Cimini and had won many hearts when it was released in various festivals in 2014, and is finally making its way online.

The title of this flick Nostalgist inclines us to a story which is an obsession with an idealized version of the past. Pondering the question,  Can we relieve ourselves of the weight of the past through our sense of nostalgia?