Sidekick, A Bedtime Superhero Short Featuring Tom Cavanagh

Jeff Cassidy, a member of The Flash camera crew created this awesome Superhero short, Sidekick. He definitely knows people in high places as this short features, Emily Bett Rickards from Arrow, Tom Cavanagh from The Flash, and Josh Dallas from Once Upon a Time.

Sidekick is a short film about a struggling father who uses a bedtime story to impart an important life lesson to his son.

Yeah, I never set out to make a superhero story. It was not a mandate of mine. It was not something that I would normally even [lean towards]. So it was kind of the other story… I don’t want to tell people too much about the story, I want to keep a little bit of mystery, a little bit of surprise in there. It was the real world story that sort of attracted me to these characters and how they deal with the hardship that they’re confronted with and how that affects the relationship of the parents, and how a father chooses to tell his son that. That was kind of the really cool story. The superhero stuff was extremely fun to shoot, it was probably the most fun to shoot. It’s elaborate and you get to play a little bit more, but it was the other world that actually attracted me to it.

It definitely was a touching short. Something that was totally different from the mainstream superhero tales. This short film is definitely worth a watch, so do yourself a favor and set aside 15 minutes.