Short Films

This Short Has ‘The Answers’ To A Man’s Life Before He Dies

Ever imagined what happens when we die? Well, many religions have different theories about them but no one actually knows what is it that really happen. Here’s an award winning short which takes you into an afterlife experience, pondering about the answers to the questions which you really can’t figure in your lifetime.

The short film stars veteran Australian actor Daniel Lissing as Nathan, a man who has just died and in under 8 minutes finds out all the major information from his life, well the information he wants to know. This short also feature iZombie star Rose McIver A.K.A. Liv Moore. You’ll will love it, just watch it!

I really love this short for it’s concept and simplicity in cinematography. This short was Written and Directed by Michael Goode. Know more about this short on its official website.