Short Films

Robots Fight Back In This Sci-Fi Short, Rise Featuring Anton Yelchin

While losing Anton Yelchin was a sad day for any number of reasons, here’s one more: a year after Yelchin worked with filmmaker David Karlak to produce the independent science-fiction short Rise, the film will be adapted into a feature series.

The short, Rise is set in the near future where robots are being targeted for elimination after developing emotions like humans. But an insurgency is brewing. Yelchin plays a robot who has a way to give his kind the upper hand in the war, which has left them the target of a violent genocide.

Loaded with images and ideas lifted from a dozen different science-fiction movies, Rise certainly benefits from its political subtext. The difference between artificial and natural intelligence is seen to be purely arbitrary, much like the other differences that divide us.

All I hope that they find a suitable replacement for Anton Yelchin in the future feature film as he was just badass. Anyways, watch the short film below.