Short Films

Reset, A Blend Of Suspense, Mindf*ck & Gorgeous Visuals

At first, you will think of Reset as a standard European feature but then it wraps your head with a completely different suspense. Made in Sweden, this short tell a big story that teases the viewer while also managing to be self-contained enough to satisfy.

It all begins with a little girl, who lives in the middle of nowhere with her mother. Every month, they receive a new letter from the girl’s equally doting father, who’s probably working in some faraway land. One day this little girl discovers something unusual, something which shatters her reality forever.

Created by Swedish filmmaking duo Fredrik Akerström and Marcus Kryler, It’s hard to overstate how pretty this film is. The duo has been signed with Scott Henderson, David Boxerbaum and Chris Smith at Paradigm. Immediately thereafter the filmmakers were able to demonstrate their skills with a very high-profile job directing cinema sequences for the recently released blockbuster game Battlefield 1.

If you like good compelling stories then you won’t want to miss Reset!

[Via iO9]