Watch Lost Boy, A Gorgeous Proof Of Concept Cyberpunk Short

Lost Boy is a new short by PostPanic, the Amsterdam based outfit known for 2015’s most influential sci-fi short. This is a an incredibly atmospheric concept short from two well known names in the space, Ash Thorp & Anthony Scott Burns. While being frank, there is absolutely no plot in this sci-fi short but it is just freaking gorgeous. Imagine if the elements of Akira and Mad Max had a baby, that’s how is the universe this short is set in.

LOST BOY is an ambitious sci-fi concept heavily influenced by the American action classics and Japanese samurai films. LOST BOY is sure to instantly capture viewers with its highly visual and unparalleled sci-fi world.

The idea of LOST BOY was born years back by Ash Thorp’s passion for sketching out these unique characters and scenarios, which quickly gained a huge fan base. Once Anthony Scott Burns and Ash Thorp joined together for collaborative efforts on LOST BOY, it further evolved with a fascinating storyline and uncompromising vision of society’s far distant future sure to surprise audiences.

There’s not much more to go on in the visually stunning Lost Boy, but since it’s a proof-of-concept film, mood and style are the main attraction. There’s no dialogue, but you get a sense of the world by watching two characters explore a bleak, desolate landscape. It appears to be just a taste of a larger universe.

Source: PostPanic