Fly Me To The Moon: A Beautifully Deep Sci-Fi Short

Every moment something crazy happens that may or may not blow your mind. You will be busy putting yourself together and somewhere else there might be a real breakthrough in progress. It’s interesting to see how this short showcases this notion.

Fly Me To The Moon

Here’s a brief synopsis:

The protagonist, who can hardly be called a hero, wakes up in a strange place, probably not for the first time. While striving to make his way home, world shaking events take place in the background. The film presents a grotesque parallel vision of inner and physical journeys as well as the incompatibility of monumental and insignificant events.

This short was made by Miklós Felvidéki from Hungary. Well I must say this animation isn’t fluid but as far as the design goes it looks amazing. Below are some of his amazing illustrations, just a treat for your eyeballs.

Miklós Felvidéki

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