Alma: A Dark Short by An Ex-Pixar Animator

Well while trying to find something out-of-the-box type on the net, I came across this short film. Well at first it looked like any other mainstream animated short film. Moreover, when I came to know that it was created by an ex-Pixar animator Rodrigo Blaas, I expected nothing much but juvenile-loving stuffs in it. But it was the audience’s reaction that forced me to try it out.

And boy I was never so wrong.

Well people at Pixar are known for their fairy tale and children loving animated stuffs. But animation is capable of displaying a dark side too. And Rodrigo has surely created a masterpiece by taking the dark turn. And frankly, I think Pixar would have never thought of implementing such an idea taking their much targeted adolescent audience into account.

For starters, ‘Alma’ is dark-themed. It’s creepy and it has surely done the trick. Some years ago there were even news about DreamWorks making a deal with the creator to make it a full length feature, owing to the public response. But there hasn’t been much noise about it since then.

Well enough said here’s the award winning animated short film ALMA by Rodrigo Blaas.