If You Liked Sword Art Online, You Will Love Danmachi

I recently rewatched Danmachi or Is It Wrong To Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and I found that most of the Dungeons and Dragons kinda shows are kinda similar. If you liked Sword Art Online or KonoSuba or even No Game No Life then you’ll will love this show.

Whenever someone talks about Sword Art Online, people either bash it for being terrible or love it for what it is. I think similar is the situation with Danmachi. The reason for this is quite straightforward, the protagonist always wins (sort of). Okay, let me elaborate, take something like One-Punch Man, even there One Punch Man always wins but the experience the series weaves a user into is something that is notable.

First of all Danmachi is quite short series when considering the number of episodes but the amount of content it covers in that period is quite massive.


Speaking of the plot, it is an intriguing spin on the tabletop game-like fantasy world. The gods, in their heavenly boredom, have descended to the human world to live amongst them. To keep things from getting out of hand, they agree to seal away most of their divine power and gather guilds around themselves instead – called Familias – to support their lifestyles and further their interests, whether that be crafting weapons and armor (Hephaestus), making wine (Soma), ensuring the welfare of the masses (Ganesha), or just being a drunken party girl (Loki). In exchange for their loyalty, adventurers and craftspeople are granted divine blessings to bolster them in their tasks. For many Familia members, that means exploring The Dungeon, a vast and multileveled labyrinth that lies below the city of Orario. It has its own peculiar qualities, like monsters that spawn from its walls and floors and leave behind magic stones when they die (and sometimes drop items, too!) These magic stones are crucial resources for powering all manner of lights and devices, so they can be exchanged directly for money. 

Our protagonist, Bell wants to be a great adventurer, after becoming the child of a lonely goddess who is searching for followers, both work together to fulfill their goals. 

Still the show is quite energising to watch, the fights are amazing and the overall appeal is acceptable. Although I don’t see many characters getting better developments than a few which is kinda sad as there are many interesting characters.

Bell x Aiz

The art, design and animations are spectacular, they’re somewhat standard based on what we see in different anime of this nature.

While the full title of the series is Is It Wrong To Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? the series is nothing like that. Okay it is a bit but that’s only because of the fan service. To be sure, DanMachi has its flaws, but throughout the series it manage me to keep glued to it.

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