You Must Really Consider Watching Doctor Who

Lets take a journey through time and space, exploring an Individual who is amusing the Sci-Fi world longer than even Star Wars and Star Trek. Looking at the 50 years of awesome journey of the Doctor and why should you watch it.

The Doctor

Doctor Who

It all all began in November 1963 when the series started with Doctor William Hartnell where he and his companion traveled through the space and time in TARDIS {Time And Relative Dimension In Space} basically which allowed them to go anywhere in space and time. The show features them going back and forth in time and doing some awesome stuff. During the starting course Doctor meets his first form of villains called Daleks who continue to Exterminate all the forms of life over the time of the show. In the series the Doctor regenerates after a severe damage and the first Doctor William Hartnell regenerates after he is captured by Cyber Man. Well the show explains it in the third season about the Regeneration process where the personality of the Doctor remains same and how the brains cells regenerate giving Doctor a new look and that is also one of the main reasons why the Doctor Who still runs till now.

Then comes Doctor Patrick Troughton who is referred to as the Time Lord for the very first time but things don’t work properly with him as he starts interfering with people’s life and he is then sentenced. After that he is regenerated into the Third Doctor Jon Pertwee who is the first Doctor in full color and in some crazy clothes. Then we have the fourth Doctor Tom Baker who played the longest role ever before regenerating into new Doctor, that’s awesome seven years. Then came the time of the fifth Doctor Peter Davison who was the awesomest of the ones until now and then we had the sixth Doctor played by Colin Baker the seventh one played by Sylvester McCoy, the eighth Doctor played by Paul McGann and the ninth Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston and I think till the ninth Doctor the series was pretty dry in terms of pure awesomeness but the goosebumps begins with the Tenth doctor which is played by David Tennant and to be honest I didn’t watch all of that Doctor Who from 1963 but I started from 2005 from the ninth Doctor and all the previous seasons were filled by the awesome websters.

David Tennant added cool to the Doctor Who with his glorifies acting, great delivery and awesome looks and there after that all the Doctors had a quite of a standard. Like the eleventh Doctor was played by Matt Smith who continued the legacy. Now talking about the current Doctor Peter Capaldi who first appeared in the 800th Episode of Doctor Who series, yes 800th.

All those regenerations make the Doctor somewhat immortal and he actually is at least that’s what BBC tells us.


Donna Noble & the Doctor

On his journey Doctor is joined by a beautiful female companion who travels along with him in the TARDIS in his journey through space and time. I won’t list all of them nor I would mention anyone I think was awesome enough than others but I think I really enjoyed Donna Noble who I think was the only one who wasn’t in love with the Doctor as after Rose as the companion pretty much every other girl was in love with the Doctor and after all who am I kidding it was the awesome Doctor they were with. Anyways here’s a list of all the companions from the series.



Talking about villains there a hell lot of them, c’mon he travels across the universe and also back and forth in time so it is sure that he will be occupied with a hell lot of villains with pretty much every background you could think of. The Daleks alone are the most popular thing from the series and they are one of the most seen villains from the series. The Doctor and his companions have fought and encountered around 400 unique monsters/aliens/villains throughout the series. Interestingly there’s is also this one villain called the Master whose powers match those of the Doctor and to be clear enough he is also a Time Lord like the Doctor and even he regenerates after every major setback he faces. Here’s a list of all the villains from the series.

Yeah its Awesome


The series recently completed its 50 years of existence and the next new season with Doctor Peter Capaldi will be out anytime soon. Obviously people love it and that’s the reason its still running and even bagging prestigious awards like the BAFTAs. For those who don’t know what the above image is, it’s TARDIS, I mean the blue Police Box. Anyways for starters every episode of the series is like about a hour long and there are about 11-13 episodes in every season followed by specials.

Again if you have never watched Doctor Who till now then I will; suggest you to start watching it from the 2005 series which has Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor, you just need to know these basics like Doctor is a Time Traveller, he travels in TARDIS along with his female companion and fights variety of villains and at times he regenerates if his damage is severe.

I must tell you though that some episodes are boring but those which are awesome are totally freaking awesome with a amazing blend of visual effects and cinematic storytelling.

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