Yandere Simulator: The Creepiest Love Story

Yandere Simulator is something weird. Basically in this game we play a girl who stalks a boy who she is in love with, acting all innocent in front of him but alongside she kills all of the girls who seems interested in him.

Gasai Yuno

Yuno from Mirai Nikki is a fine example of Yandere

Yandere is a Japanese cultural trope for a girl who is so lovestruck that she can do anything to safeguard her love, literally anything (mostly killing love rivals). If you want to get a clear idea of it then go watch School Days or Mirai Nikki.

Yandere S

Coming back to the game, Yandere Simulator surely is a weird stealth game, think of it as a Hitman game with mix of insane weirdness.

What you do in this game is you murder the person who you think is interested in senpai and clear the tracks so that the police don’t catch you. Besides that you can also frame that girl for a crime you committed, or you could talk them into liking another guy, or otherwise get them expelled or ruin their reputation.

That Creepy Laugh

Reputation is big part of you life in this game, obviously you have to act all sane and innocent in front of your senpai, doing something out of the ordinary drops your sanity points but when you have high reputation more students will be around you. Seriously if anything goes wrong just kill to maintain your reputation.

Of course there is something to help you with all those murders, Yandere Vision helps you to see through objects and walls. As far as the graphics go, they aren’t anything spectacular but if you consider the fact that this game was build by just one guy then you will appreciate those graphics.

Yandere Simulator

Kill them all

In all I think this a fun game, even if it is weird. BTW the game is not yet complete so there is no way you can win senpai’s heart. Still if you want to try it out, you can download the development version over here also if you can show some love to the developer and support him on Patreon.

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