Wonder Woman Movie Is Making A Pretty Bold Change To Her Origin

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the first live-action film to feature Wonder Woman. Played by Gal Gadot, the Amazon superhero is set to star in her own solo movie and at least one of the upcoming Justice League films.


A dozen different men have portrayed Batman or Superman in a major, official theatrical release, while in the 75 years of her existence Wonder Woman’s official cinematic existence is entirely encompassed by a cameo in The Lego Movie.

DC has always been seen changing the Wonder Woman origin, mostly because even in the golden-age of comics Batman & Superman were the only characters that mattered. Now the Wonder Woman movie is making a pretty bold change to her origin, but this isn’t just another example of DC Comics screwing needlessly with its characters.

The Legends of Wonder Woman

Think of it in this way, DC just like Marvel will borrow some fine elements from their golden-age of comics, which still sticking to present elements. Her look is obviously inspired by the New 52, but will her background be altered in any way? It wouldn’t be the first time a comic book movie has dramatically changed a character’s origin story.

Diana of Amazon

Originally, Wonder Woman is the only daughter of Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira, a hidden island ruled by the immortal, all-female Amazons of Greek mythology. As the story goes, Hippolyta desired a child so strongly that the goddesses of the Greek pantheon took pity on her, and brought the clay child she had crafted to life. The child, Diana, was raised by the Amazons and eventually left Themyscira to guide Man’s World to a better way. Later DC Comics altered the storyline by showcasing Zeus as Diana’s father.

Wonder Woman Movie

Interestingly, Batman V Superman producer Charles Roven in a recent interview stated that Wonder Woman would be a goddess in the film, specifically a demigod, and that her father is Zeus, the king of the Greek Gods. Still that is not what makes it exciting. The thing that makes it exciting it the fact that the movie is set around World War I. Pushing the story back to World War I serves several purposes, it gives Diana Prince ample time to go from wide-eyed Amazon discovering the world of Man to the savvy and elegant businesswoman we saw in the “Batman v Superman” trailers. Plus when I somebody in comics mention about World War II most of the time that automatically makes Hitler the villain.

Last Week, DC unveiled a ton of stuff about it’s upcoming movies. The Wonder Woman Teaser was one of them. It surely is quite raw but still looks amazing. We won’t see the the first trailer of Wonder Woman till the Suicide Squad drops in the theatres. Still the Wonder Woman makes her big screen debut on June 23, 2017 which feels like a decade from now.

Aren’t you’ll excited for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie? Well I sure am!

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