Why It’s Exciting To Be A Spider-Man Fan Right Now

Spiderman had his tough times in his standalone cinematic universe, not that it was completely bad — just not that great.

When the news about Spider-Man joining the Marvel universe broke many fans rejoiced.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Just yesterday Marvel announced that it will be casting Tom Holland as Peter Parker in the third iteration of Spider-Man. In addition to that they even announced that Jon Watts will be directing it. Wait! Who is Jon Watts? It’s seems like a smart choice though, read here to know what makes him good.

Well, surely they will reboot the entire franchise but it will be completely different from the way Sony did it. Firstly by casting a younger Peter Parker we can expect the story revolve in his high school years. So get ready to experience more of Harry and Gwen but that doesn’t just stop there.

Gwen and Harry

Gwen and Harry

Since Marvel is the one assisting Sony then we surely know that both Spider-Man and Marvel’s heroes will toss around. And from the way Marvel has decided to give Spidey 11 films it seems like Marvel is set in motion to bring the right elements from the pages of the comic books to the big screen

I am one of those people who liked Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man but sadly he was cut-off. Nevertheless things are different now, Spider-Man is in high school and to get that high schooler feel Tom Holland feels like a decent pick. I mean you gotta see his performance in The Impossible, it will make it clear to you’all that he can do justice to the character — at least it seems like that.


And c’mon who are you kidding, if Sony tried to reboot Spider-Man all by themselves it could had been far less exciting than it is today. I mean imagine Spidey not only flexing his muscle to fight his own villains but also helping his Marvel counterparts takedown Thanos or Team Up with Daredevil to fight Punisher. Allowing Spider-Man into the MCU gives future writers and directors endless possibilities. The future seems quite exciting now.

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