Why is it Hard to Make a Good Anime?

Have you ever wondered why aren’t there many noteworthy anime to watch. I know everyone has different tastes and in a niche entertainment market it isn’t easy to please wide audience. Still there are even times when the source material is great but the following anime isn’t.

So what’s stopping them from making amazing shows? Apparently many things and the most obvious one is Money.


And when I say Money the first thing to come to your mind must obviously be Piracy and surely it results in huge dents in profits which shy away investors from investing more in the Anime but that’s not all to it.

Anime in itself is a business, Producing companies research a certain market models and invest in Studios to make them. Like every business investor want returns but usually Anime show takes at least a couple of years before it could recover that invested money and unfortunately it works for only 70% of the Anime.

Creators don’t always get the budget they want so most of the work is usually outsourced.

So it’s a risky business to invest in, but there’s even more to it. Usually there are many investors for a single show or a movie and they surely have their demands but sometimes these demands are so ludicrous that it affects the overall integrity of the show. Moreover studios usually don’t care about winning awards or making stuff that is going to be noteworthy if there is budget constraint so they just do their jobs as they aren’t going to get the icing on the cake if the show wins any awards. Still Studios like Production I.G. or KyoAni maintain their standards (Maybe even their budget standards).


Many times an anime is just a way to drive in more manga sales, and that’s the reason why your favorite anime died after it’s first season and left you desperate for more.

See Anime is a niche entertainment, not everyone can love love it plus it isn’t in English so it’s tough to sell. Usually the people who buy stuff like DVD/BD and Merch are the hardcore fans, so the investors usually invest more in that stuff. You could see that with the rise of Moe troupe.

A Typical Manga Store

It’s easy for popular anime like Naruto to get huge budget because there are many people who are going to buy into it but for shows like Death Parade it’s also up to the director to make things right even in that smaller budget.

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