This Anime ‘Welcome to the NHK’ Will Somehow Inspire You

Welcome to the NHK is one of those anime series which talks about real-life issues. For starters this is a fairly old anime which talks about various social issues, the prominent one is about the lives of NEETs.

Not everyone adopts to society quickly, some take time and some find something else, even if that something else means staying away from the world and living a life of a hermit, fairly enough such are NEETs. For starters, NEET is a young person who is “Not in Education, Employment, or Training.”

Welcome to the NHK 1

The main protagonist of this anime, Tatsuhiro Satou is a college drop-out who basically leads a life of a NEET, he thinks that everything which is happening to him is a part of some kind of a big conspiracy but when he comes across a girl called Misaki Nakahara who is willing to change Satou’s condition from being a socially awkward introvert into a more confident person his life changes.

Its hard to see anime covering such topics or any real-world topic in the current time, we still have amazing shows but the anime shows from the golden age still continue to amaze me. I guess the recent show about similar topic was WataMote but in comparison to that this is more better.

Coming back to Welcome to the NHK, the show is quite funny, like there are times when you are supposed to sad but instead you are laughing because of the way it is presented.

Welcome to the NHK 2

Talking about the characters, almost all of the characters have some kind of a backstory, which lets viewers connect with the show amazing. Like Tatsuhiro Satou’s neighbour/friend Kaoru Yamazaki has his own set of problems along with being a hardcore otaku or Hitomi Kashiwa who was Tatsuhiro’s senpai in high school later on develops high amount of stress. Mostly all of them are suicidal people, highly in depression.

I like the way the series continues telling viewers that suicide is not the answer and if we want, we can achieve anything in life.

N.H.K ni yôkoso! (Welcome to the N.H.K)

Talking about the animation, it is quite standard-ish. Nothing special about it, although at times I think the animation feels a little bit inconsistent but we can surely overlook that.

Finally this show might not amuse considering it’s premise but those who will do, they will surely love it. For those who have already watched this series, I would recommend them Honey and Clover–which isn’t similar to this but coming from Welcome to the NHK you will surely appreciate it.

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