Has Warner Bros Learned Anything From The Past?

We are almost a month away from Suicide Squad now. We got three trailers from which one is the official teaser and the other two being the official trailers. Counting the total time from the three trailers and the recent TV spots released by Warner Bros, we have almost 7-8 minutes of footage of the film in total, and yet we have no clue what the plot might be and we don’t even know who the main villain is?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which released on March 26, 2016, gave us almost 15-16 minutes of footage of the movie and from those most people had a fair idea what the movie might be. The trailers for Batman v Superman were very well cut except the second official trailer where it revealed that Doomsday was in the film, which caused for many people to hate the particular move by the studio to reveal a major plot point. Whereas Suicide Squad has revealed nothing about the plot, it just gave us a basic idea of what is the premise of these characters and the levity the movie has.

The Studio has been real open about its future film which is Justice League by inviting many bloggers to the set visit of the movie. This is an excellent move by Warner Bros by staying open and having the people who hated the movie by showing them what’s going on and what the tone of the film will be. Also we are a few days away from San Diego Comic Con where we will get a look at all the upcoming DC films, maybe expect a new trailer for Suicide Squad, Official Trailer for Wonder Woman, and a group photo of the Justice league in all their new costume glory.

Justice League Movie

Warner Bros surely is taking every major step in making their shared universe excellent, first the major change up in the overlooking posts which Geoff Johns will be doing. Secondly cutting their future trailers precisely so that not to reveal any major plot detail. And now the set visit news. We hope to see great films ahead from DC/WB and they are taking great efforts for it.

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