Warcraft Just Became The Highest Grossing Video Game Movie in History

Warcraft movie bombed at the US box-office but interestingly outside the States, it had a great success.

Previously the title was held by Prince Of Persia: Sand Of Time but now thanks to China, Warcraft is actually the highest grossing video game movie ever.

In the US, it made $6.5 Million in the second week compared to its $24 Million opening week. Which obviously is a down fall but interestingly in China the flick made some historic figures. Warcraft movie made more than $200 Million since it’s opening in China.

The total international revenue of the film turns out to be about $378 Million, which is pretty good considering the fact that it took $160 Million to make it.

Even Dawn of Justice was a “hit,” but the DC Comics franchise still underwent a major restructuring and retooling. And now all hopes are pinned on Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman to get fans invested in the DC Films universe. And now we have a similar situation with Warcraft.


Now it seems like Universal might definitely consider giving it a sequel. Considering the fact that there is going to be a sequel to Pacific Rim. That said, a Warcraft 2 has not been green lit yet, and there are still some pieces that need to fall into place before a sequel comes into fruition.

So, it’s a hit and a new franchise, right? Well, maybe.

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