Vainglory, An Addictive MOBA Game for Android & iOS

Vainglory isn’t a new game. Heck it was released about two years ago but just recently I started playing this game and boy I am addicted to it.

I am not new to MOBA games, I did played a lot of Dota back in the days but recently because of my busy schedule I just can’t. Enters Vainglory a MOBA game crafted for touch, available for both Android and iOS.

Vainglory Map

Vainglory Map

Since the game is meant to be played on the small screen, you might think they might skim some graphics or make a really small environment(map) but they haven’t. It’s a very pretty mobile take on the MOBA, with only a single lane and a jungle for each three-player team to contend with.

As far as heroes go they are decent, nothing great or spectacular here. Making a team strategy in Vainglory can be difficult with the absence of text or voice chat. Plus I think even after it’s good introduction rounds new players have a hard time adjusting.

You know how in Dota even if majority of your towers are fallen you’ll can still win the match but here, at least the times I have played, the team dominating always wins no matter what.

Did you know there are various Vainglory Tournaments around the world, like the ones Dota or LoL have.

Still the games really looks spectacular for being a MOBA game for mobiles. Although this isn’t the only MOBA game available for Android & iOS but the one which is properly crafted.

One thing that will annoy new users in the start is that the matches last about 20-30 mins which might be too much but trust me that’s not that long as I have played Dota matches which last more than an hour.


As with most mobile games today, there’s little reason not to try Vainglory if it seems like it might be up your alley. You can try all of the core gameplay for free, right now, and the content you do pay for is the kind that only increases your enjoyment.

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