You Should Try Out Reading This Manga ‘Fuuka’

In today’s world we are all deep into the social world than in the real world. We are constantly talking with with people away or at far away places from you but we tend to stay silent with the person besides us. Okay you will be of notion by now like where is this thing going, first all that true for most parts and secondly since this manga is somewhat based around that idea I thought to just break the ice.

Fuuka is an ongoing manga which is published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine and is available to the rest of the world via Crunchyroll Manga. The story starts off with the main protagonist being obsessed with twitter and so eventually we is more into it than living into the real world. So apparently he is just about to restart his school life  by transferring to a new school and with his online social obsession is would probably be one of those forever alone guys or at least be too much nervous when it comes to real world which he is, I mean the second part is true but he is not one of those guys with no friends. So Yuu, the protagonist meets this girl called Fuuka who for some reasons doesn’t have a cell phone. Since that girl has a strange aura that guides people towards her, Yuu falls for her. As the story progresses Yuu more and more tends to come of his social world and value his real world friends but the story isn’t just about that and I will be spoiling it for you if I go on telling what happens.

Every character has a unique personality like the main protagonist is an introvert. Fuuka is energetic as hell, there are these two guys one being gay and other being good sprinter with a good personality and not to forget his shameless sisters.  In all a decent package of characters atleast they are realistic for most parts.

fuuka 2

The artwork of this manga is clean and consistent but I have a problem which is about character differentiation, I this more or less many characters look alike, like say Yuu stays with his sisters but there is this idol who somewhat looks similar to Yuu’s sister. I find this problem in many mangas but since the most other halves are not the part of key story it plays off decently. Overall the artwork is quite professional with some beautiful eyes I have seens in a while and some realistic depiction of the surroundings.

This manga is written by Kouji Seo’s (A town where you live, Suzuka) whose works before I haven’t enjoyed and have dropped quite in the midway but this is kind of a new kind of tale for him, atleast I think so.  I think the story is engaging and many will enjoy it.

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