Tower of God: A Mysterious Dark Fantasy Manhwa

“What do you desire? Power? Glory? Fame? Wealth? Revenge? Or a night sky, full of stars?​

In return, what are you willing to leave behind?

Who will you step on? Who will you betray? Who will you kill?​

Everything you desire, all the answers you seek, can be found at the top of the Tower… And as the bodies pile higher, all you need to do is climb.”​

Tower Of God Strip

Tower of god is the story of a young boy named Baam, who lives, all alone in a dark cave, unable to escape. It is here,  where he meets Rachel, who becomes his closest, albeit only friend. Our story begins, when Rachel leaves Baam to go into a place called the Tower. The Tower is supposedly a place which will fulfill your every wish if you climb to the top. Baam unwilling to let Rachel go, follows her into the Tower. He opens the gates of the tower by himself, hence becoming an irregular, who do not have to abide by the rules of the Tower and are destined to bring change and chaos to the Tower.

“Do you wish to go up?  Yes.

But, you might die.

It is fine. Because there is something, I fear much more than death.”

In order to climb a level, you need to pass tests set by Floor Administrators. The tests are so meticulously designed and set up, that you cannot help but marvel at the genius of the author. Each of the tests are unique and require extensive teamwork to pass.

The best part about this manhwa is the universe it is set in. It is a dark expansive world with unique history and in-depth lore. The Tower is ruled by the 12 great families, leaded by the King Zahard, who have complete control over the tower. There are also those who oppose the current system and wish to bring about change. The story is filled with intense politics and conspiracy and that’s what makes it more interesting.

Tower Of God Characters

The characters are what makes the manhwa truly shine. There is a diverse cast of characters with different and complex personalities. Each of them are driven strongly to climb the tower. So, amongst the friendship and teamwork there is the occasional jealousy and betrayal as well.

Tower of God Baam

The art is only thing that’s a bit of a letdown, but considering that it’s a webtoon, it can be forgiven. The art in the initial few chapters is downright bad but it improves a lot towards the middle and is jaw droppingly good at some points.

The story is very engaging and filled with plot twists and lots of action. The writer manages the keep the readers on their toes at all times and you can never complain about the story dragging on. The writer gets full points from me for originality and complexity. This is a must read.

If you haven’t read Tower of God yet, you can start reading it right now over at LINE Webtoons

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