Tom Hiddleston Might Probably Be The Next James Bond

I am a big fan of the James Bond Franchise. Yet I don’t really enjoy Daniel Craig as James Bond, surely not after Spectre. With Daniel Craig potentially looking to walk away from the franchise, speculation is ramping up about who might play the next James Bond.

It seems like Tom Hiddleston might be the next Agent 007. Birth.Movies.Death reports Tom Hiddleston is in “advanced talks” to take on the role of 007 for the next James Bond film. Still nothing is concrete but it would be exciting to see Tom play Bond. While he is popular for his role of Loki he also has done some phenomenal work in High-Rise and The Night Manager.

The Night Manager

“There are a couple ways to parse this news. One is to take it at face value: Daniel Craig is out, the role of 007 is open, and it may very well be Hiddleston’s for the taking. Another is to apply the lessons Vincent Chase and Ari Gold taught us back on Entourage: Eon might be talking to other actors in an attempt to catalyze a response from Craig. If it’s the latter, c’est la guerre, I guess. If it’s the former, our source is for the first time confirming what’s been, until now, nothing but tabloid rumor-mongering.”

While I loved Daniel’s bond flicks, they were all dark and focused on one key thing. While nothing is wrong with the later but adding a bit of fun and energy to the character will surely make it more amazing. It’s important to remember that Craig isn’t officially out at this point, and if he wants to stick around for one more movie, the studio would jump at the chance to make one more with him.

Yet, it’d be quite a change to see Tom Hiddleston after Daniel Craig. Of course, he could also make a great Bond villain (why not?).

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