Throne Of Atlantis Showcases True Awesomeness Of Aquaman

Recently we got the first sneak peak of Jason Momoa starring as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so in that essence I decided to watch the recently released Aquaman origin animated movie, Justice League Throne Of Atlantis.

Aquaman live action

Aquaman is a totally awesome character by DC and its a shame that with Superman and Batman in spotlight, this superhero surely had to dwell in the shadows, but now we know that there is a standalone live-action Aquaman movie planned in 2018 which makes this animated movie even more interesting.

Truth be told, other than those fans who follow the comics, Aquaman is just a hero yet to be discovered. And a fact for all those fan who are awaiting the Dawn of Justice, Aquaman is one of the founder members of the Justice league which makes him a great deal in the comic universe.

Queen Of Atlantis

Justice league: Throne of Atlantis, as the title suggests surrounds the home and the kingdom of our superhero.The continent of Atlantis was almost destroyed by the Great Deluge. A sole city survived but submerged under the depths of the sea, protected by magic. Later called as the city of Atlantis. As time passed so did the throne of Atlantis from King Atlanta to the Queen. Atlantis long became a myth for the outer world till then. But with two heirs in the picture, one unaware of his royalty and other craving for the throne and dominance over the surface world, things were about to change.

From the introduction you might think, what part does the Justice league have in such a plot. Well you are right, a lot of screen time is allotted to the Atlantean characters. The Justice league is kind of a backdrop in the film.


Well let me tell you, the plot here is based on the genesis of the Justice League which comprises of only Superman, Batman,Wonderwoman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern and Shazam. Our heroes have assembled but are yet to find a way to kind of co-exist in a group and the Atlantis issue saw them come together for the first time as such. But still I find the flick pretty decent with such an arrangement.

Superman x Wonder Woman

Animation is one of the key regions where DC & WB shine. Our Heroes look truly great and the way in which Atlanta is visually described is amazing. Characters are pretty decently presented. Except for the romance, character development isn’t the strong part of this movie. The anti-heroes surely didn’t pack much of a punch.

Aquaman in Action

Moreover, what felt like a big let down was the fact that Aquaman’s power were neither realized nor truly spoken of in the film (except the talking to the water creatures power which was not big deal as well) but being just a origin movie it would be too harsh to expect so much from it.

So all in all, the movie is a pretty decent. With DC already having supplied us with mind blowing stuffs in the past, the shortcomings in this movie can be overlooked. There are many a things that are totally different from the comic, but the ideas are equally conveyed by both.It does not contain firework type action sequences but still seems pretty cool.

Throw in a new hero, decent family drama and backstory, other superheroes, Batman, DC label and WB animation, you are sure to get a pretty decent superhero flick then. One this movie tells us that Aquaman might actually have a better solo movie.

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  • siddhesh shivade

    IMO the Jason momoa aquaman will be one hell of a badass movie where his true power will be unleashed and fans will understand that there is One true king. I don’t know who will direct d movie but I think they will have a touch of Zack Snyder too.

    • Aquaman surely is underrated, his standalone live-action might change perspective of people for sure!

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