This Grummgar Cosplay From The Force Awakens is Just Perfect

Remember Grummgar from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Yup that guy! Well, if your memory is hazy about him this this cosplay will help you remember. This cosplay is like an exact replica of the character.

This amazing 9-foot replica, complete with his tagalong bounty hunter portrayed by model Valentina L’Abbate was created by Julian Checkley of Order 66 Creatures & Effects.  The Grummgar can walk, talk and snatch all the awards, like he did at the Star Wars Celebration Europe.

The following amazing Photos are shot by by Kamil Krawczak, truly re-create the dangerous pair from The Force Awakens.

 Grummgar Cosplay 4  Grummgar Cosplay 3  Grummgar Cosplay 2  Grummgar Cosplay 1grummgar-Bonus

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