There Something Terribly Wrong With Horror Movies

I guess Horror is just as conventional as your regular romantic or action movies. In many ways it is safe to make a Horror movie, as for low budget filmmakers, horror is often an easy choice — the locations don’t need to be rich and fancy (unlike a romance), most filming often takes place in a single location or a very small list of locations (unlike comedies), and there’s no need to spend a ton of money on special effects (unlike sci-fi or action films).

Sure, there are some movies which stand out but that number is quite small.

Most of the Horror movies have a similar plot with some few new tricks to scare you. Well ofcourse, the basic purpose behind making a horror movie is to scare the crap out of you but that doesn’t mean everything else is just complementary. I mean most of the story follow a possessed kid or house with some exorcism ritual at the end.

The Conjuring

Forget about character development, most of the times even the cast is horrible so is the execution. A good horror movie has complex characters that wrestle with real internal problems while simultaneously trying to defend themselves from the unknown force.

The major thing that setbacks majority of Horror movies is the audience they target. Firstly, there are way too many PG-13 horror films, that in my opinion, all sucks because that restricts creative freedom. I don’t mean to say that they can’t bring anything awesome in that arena but the thing is they don’t. Studios always play the safe game, sure they have a business to look after but a rather mature movie won’t hurt.


The Ring is one of those good PG-13 horror flicks

While mature movies do exist, majority of these mature films only focus on violence, gore and sexual exposure, sure there isn’t anything wrong with that but the forget the most import part of the genre, the notion of the unknown and the unexpected.

the shining

Still Horror is actually the most intellectual genre, if you think of it. Many directors chose Horror because of its fascinating way to deliver the darker sides of life and especially the heavy and unspeakable emotions, The Shining was a fine example of that.

Sure when Studios will start focusing on the story and less on the profit then there might probably hope for them. See many movies fail every year but they earn a lot amount of money from selling broadcasting rights, DVD’s and much more so I feel like it may be a cutthroat market but still it isn’t that tough to recover the budget and make some decent profit from horror movies. The Paranormal series is the best example of that, although now I think they are overdoing it but still they started with something creatively distinct.

So what do you think? which is the worst horror movie you’ll have watched till now?

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