The Underlying Tale Of Female Superheroes In Movies

With the release of Jessica Jones & Supergirl, Female Superheroes got a whole new dimension. We have moved beyond the age where a she is a damsel in distress. Now they are all physically and mentally powerful to kick some ass.

Supergirl Under Heat

If you like superheroes, it’s a good time to be a girl. In an age when comic book characters have dominated screens big and small, there has been a shocking presence of female-centric story lines. And not just Jessica Jones or Supergirl we also have Agent Carter and Vixen if that counts.

But if you’ll have noticed these characters only are brought to life on small screens, yet on the big screen in lead roles we don’t see much of them.

Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman won’t hit the big screen until summer 2017 and Marvel’s Captain Marvel might take even longer than that.

Even if the solo female superhero centric movies might not come out anytime sooner, their representation in movies released till now can be quite questionable.

I mean take that sleazy Catwoman movie for example, it was more about showcasing sexuality than power. Talking about recent flicks the way Scarlet Witch was showcased in Avengers: Age of Ultron, I don’t think any girl would look upto her.


Talking about costumes. Male and female characters both are forced into tight, revealing clothing. However, the revealing nature of male superheroes’ costumes contrasts greatly with their female cohorts. Males’ costumes highlight their fitness while women’s costumes focus on their sexuality and their often unnatural proportions. If male super powers come from physical prowess, where does the female’s power come?

izombie characters

I know we can’t get everything in place but for what we get shouldn’t be the way it is. Looking at the current state of comic book properties on TV I know if they adapt these ideas on bigger screen even there they will have a recipe for success. For instance, just look at iZombie — while not been a superhero series still kinda showcases girly emotions with real badass power.

I mean looking back at Elektra and Catwoman I won’t say that solo female superhero movies don’t sell but the fact that they were some really terrible movies.

Hunger Games

“I’ve honestly had an enormous number of experiences in the past couple of years with producers and executives saying they’re really looking for female-led films…. I think the tide is changing, and I think ‘Hunger Games’ helped with that, and it will slowly get better.” — Nicole Perlman, screenwriter for Captain Marvel

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