The Spectacular New York Comic Con 2015 Cosplay Gallery

This weekend, New Yorkers let their fandom show by turning out in some amazing. New York Comic Con 2015 surely had some fine renditions. From Superman to Jasmine, from Anime to Movie there were Cosplay from every thing you’ll could imagine of. Here’s the highlight of the very best in cosplay from the show floor.

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd Cosplay, Photographed by zer0guard(D).

Saeko Busujima

Saeko Busujima from HOTD, Photographed by zer0guard(D).


Conan the Barbarian Cosplay, Photographed by zer0guard(D).


Storm from X-Men Series, Photographed by Corey Hayes

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Cosplay by Laney Jade, Photographed by Edward Liu.


Brainiac from Superman Series, Photographed by Randy Caldwell.

Jaffrey X 2Face

Jafar X 2 Face Cosplay, Photographed by istolethetv.

Jubilee and Tygra

Jubilee and Tygra Cosplay, Photographed by istolethetv.

LoL Characters

LoL Characters Cosplay, Photographed by Richie S.


Yorick from LoL, Photographed by Richie S.


Kaneda from Akira, Photographed by Richie S.


Deadshot from the Suicide Squad, Photographed by Richie S.

The Vision

The Vision from Avengers, Photographed by Richie S.

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger Cosplay, Photographed by Romer Jed Medina.

The Doctor

The Doctor from Doctor Who, Photographed by Romer Jed Medina.

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler, Photographed by Romer Jed Medina.
When you can't fly

When you can’t fly ― take train mate, Photographed by PanicPagoda.

Batgirl and Joker

Batgirl and The Perfect Joker Cosplay, Photographed by PD07.

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees Cosplay from Friday the 13th series, Photographed by Sabrina.

Blue Beetles

Blue Beetles Cosplay, Photographed by Johnathan.

Young Justice

Young Justice Family Cosplay, Photographed by Johnathan.


Halo Cosplay, Photographed by Johnathan.


Gandalf Cosplay, Photographed by Susanna Bautista.


Electro Cosplay from Spiderverse, Cosplay by James W Amuker JR.


Raven from Teen Titans, Cosplay by Summer, Photographed by Victor Gurbo.


Penguin Cosplay, Photographed by zer0guard.

Cyclops and Magik

Cyclops and Magik Cosplay, Photographed by zer0guard.

Hanji Zoe

Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titans, Cosplay by Natalie Martinez.


Supergirl Cosplay, Photographed by Sean McAloney.


Wolverine Cosplay, Photographed by zer0guard.


Whatsoever, Photographed by Sean McAloney.

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