The Spectacular Anime North 2015 Cosplay Gallery

Anime North is the 4th largest North American anime convention held in Toronto, Canada. It’s a non-profit convention powered by fans. Anime North 2015 was held on May 22 and it lasted till the course of weekend. As powered by fans, there are some fabulous cosplay showcased in the event. Anyways here is some of that amazing cosplay.

(Above) Naruto Cosplay; Photographed by DROO Photographer

Impa from Hyrule Warriors

Impa from Hyrule Warriors Cosplay by Jessica; Photographed by Stephen Echavia

Peter Pan

Chief Peter Pan Cosplay by Carmen Estrada; Photographed by Stanley

Pokemon Cosplay

Pokemon Red and Blue Cosplay Featuring Christina as Gardevoir, Anthony Morrissette as Gallade & nintendotank as Red; Photographed by Unknown

Dos Fleur

Dos Fleur from One Piece Cosplay by Aubree; Photographed by JdSerada Photography  

LOL Cosplay

Sona from League of Legends Cosplay by Candy Cosplay; Photographed by JdSerada Photography

Erza Cosplay

Erza from Fairy Tail Cosplay by Mandatory Aelynn; Photographed by JdSerada Photography

Android 18 Cosplay

Android 18 from Dragonball Series Cosplay by Mélissa; Photographed by Naredo Photo Cosplay

Chiyo Sakura Cosplay

Chiyo Sakura from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Cosplay by Usui; Photographed by Majokodomo

Bioshock Infinite Cosplay

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite Cosplay by Holly; Photographed by Alex Bruce

Puella Magi Cosplay

Puella Magi Cosplay Featuring Aquina as Devil Homura and Luniix as Godoka; Photographed by Unknown


Sinon from SAO II Cosplay by Unknown; Photographed by Doll Face Photography 

Axel Cosplay

Axel from Kingdom of Hearts Cosplay by M Hydra; Photographed by Belinda Elizabeth Photography

Darth Talon Cosplay

Darth Talon from Star Wars Cosplay by Kate Bridge; Photographed by Greg Payne

Kill La Kill Cosplay

Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill Cosplay by N Warner; Photographed by Glay

Kaneki Cosplay

Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay by Krista ‘Zawnbu’ Clark; Photographed by Stacey Castle

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening Cosplay by Hannah Louise; Photographed by Unknown

Gundam Cosplay

Gundam Cosplay by Unknown; Photographed by Neto Fan Art

Gaige and Lilith Cosplay

Gaige and Lilith from Borderlands Cosplay by Unknown; Photographed by Alex Bruce 

haikyuu!! Cosplay

Haikyuu!! Cosplay by Unknown; Photographed by Craig

Anime North 2015 Cosplay Music Videos

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