The Man In The High Castle, Shows A World Where Nazis Win

Imagine a world where Nazis had won the World War II, sounds like a dystopian future, doesn’t it? Well, according to Amazon Prime Exclusive series  The Man In The High Castle that world would’ve been completely different than what you had thought.

Honestly, I love alternate history theories and novels and Philip K. Dick’s novel  The Man In The High Castle was no exceptionWhile the series isn’t a direct adaptation of the novel, for the most parts it is. I have read Philip K. Dick’s novel and it has some really interesting ideas, while this series does it’s job in showcasing those ideas yet it fails to deliver. Although isn’t a bad show at all just awfully slow.

The Alternate America

It’s 1962 and the new “United States” is divided into three territories: the Greater Nazi Reich, the Neutral Zone, and the Japanese Pacific States. The freedom of Americans is snatched, with extreme racism in Imperial Japan to the cunning minds of Nazis. Imagine this series to be Amazon’s House of Cards as the politics is really the key focus here.

The minute you start watching the series, you feel like you are in some sort of a Parallel Universe. There are scenes of cruelty to scenes of senseless but that’s how Autocracy is. The Man in the High Castle, even with all the suspense and intrigue that comes with it, is a uniquely unnerving experience.

TMHC World

The Man in the High Castle boasts an impressive ensemble cast that represents a multitude of perspectives. One of the most intriguing is the idea of a budding Cold War between the Japanese and Germany. Throughout the series I happen to enjoy the Villains side more because they were awesome. Thankfully, there’s also a gorgeous, richly textured world surrounding these people.

Still it felt like there were hell lot of things happening in the series and not all were properly serviced. In the end, the idea of Man in the High Castle may be better than the actual show. But it’s a damn good idea.

The TV show encourages us to congratulate ourselves on our horror at the Nazis, and our distance from them. But Dick’s novel suggests, disturbingly, that the defeat of the Nazis did not truly transform the world.

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