The Last Man on Earth is Something Different, Just Amazing

The Last Man on Earth is the latest show on FOX, which as the title describes is about the one last guy on earth, say like Will Smith’s I Am Legend but without those zombies.

When I first heard about the show, I clearly didn’t anticipated that much because looking at the trailer and the plot I just couldn’t think how this thing would even amuse after a few episodes but that being said after watching the first two episodes I am totally in love with this show.

The show is about Phil Miller who probably is the only survivor on Earth as a virus wiped out the entire population. He is on a journey to lookout for survivors. Obviously he is not alone, as in the pilot episode itself he meets a woman called Carol, and both Phil & Carol clash with each other when they know they are supposed to repopulate the world.

While it’s been reported that others have been cast in the project, how they’ll be incorporated, including the possibility of flashbacks, is part of the suspense for viewers.

The show is just so original in the genre it is, as successful comedies today are either really tightly-written sitcoms.


Being the last man on earth can be both horrific and awesome at the same time. Just imagine no rules, no restrictions, no money but also horrific because there won’t be anyone around.

We might not see this show for multiple seasons but that doesn’t mean you should skip this one. Still I don’t know for how long will the show feel fresh and not repetitive.

Just go ahead and watch this well-written odd comedy.

Finally all I have to say is that The Last Man on Earth is really good. I don’t know how long will I hold on to that opinion but for now it is something really different. The only downside for now is that it airs on FOX which doesn’t seem like a network for this kind of show.

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