The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is Awesome, Just Watch it

What would you do if one day you realize that you have the ability to leap through time? How would you use it?

Here’s an anime which pretty much deals with the same scenario, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is an amazing movie — well from the title itself you might have guessed that it’s a movie about time travel but believe me it’s more than that. It’s not like any other time travel plot you might have experienced earlier. It’s not your regular Sci Fi type.

Time Travel

Time travelling has been entertainment’s famous topic since god knows what time. There were many depictions of time travel in pop culture but almost all of them were intense, like saving mankind, space and stuff. But this movie shows the lighter side of having such an ability. Like how we could use it in our daily life and that’s what makes it special.


Anyways, lets start with the plot. The story revolves around a High-schooler named Makoto who lives a pretty laid back lifestyle with her friends Chiaki and Kousuke. But then comes a twist when in a near deadly accident she learns that she has the ability to leap back in time. Well she doesn’t use it for doing extraordinary stuffs, but normal stuffs we imagine we could do if we had such an ability like learning the test questions, avoiding bad things in your way and many more.

But everything comes at a cost and as we have seen in many other time travelling plots, altering the past will have some undesirable effects.

The way she uses such ability to avoid apprehensive and tricky situations is what makes the movie more interesting in the later half. From the above content you might think that Chiaki and Kosuke have no substantial role to play. But that isn’t the truth. As said earlier about altering the past thing, their daily life too is dragged into this. Things in their daily and personal life mainly. Well with only her aunt to help her, she tries to make everything right, although she fails many a time. But after knowing something, she has one last chance to set the records straight for that special someone. But will she be able to do it?


Well the story is pretty awesome when you actually watch the movie. It has a mix of almost everything in it like romance, comedy, fun and every kinda stuff you would expect in a Slice of life story but nothing like the mainstream Sci-Fi story you have ever scene (except the time travelling thing). So that makes it standout from the crowd. The latter part of the movie will surely get to you. That’s where the twist hides. The feels are totally outstanding. Actually it’s totally different you can say the way the movie has progressed till that point.


Enough about the plot. Now lets talk about the characters. They are pretty vivid you can say. Different from each other. Kousuke is the studious type. Makoto is the lazy one and well Chiaki is the weird one (you will eventually know when you watch it). Then there’s her aunt who has her own personal experience to help our protagonist. Well the side characters are interesting as well. I mean their role is an important one too as they make Makoto’s time travelling really interesting and humourous. Makoto’s progression as a character when she realizes her time leaping ability is an amazing one. I mean the way she acts and behaves in happy as well as sad moments would make you remember about a typical high-schooler character. One of the character mentioned above has a pretty important role to play in the later part of the movie. But again ‘No Spoilers!’


The art is pretty basic as you normally expect in a slice of life type. No shinny bright stuff. But it gives out a pleasant feeling and matches appropriately with the scenes to bring out the best in them. And the music too is enjoyable and soothing. Even though the art and the soundtrack may seem pretty mainstream but believe me the story will make you forget every other stuff in the movie.


So overall it’s a pleasant movie to watch. Its a rare and perfect mix of Sci-Fi, romance, daily life drama and comedy which we don’t often get to see. That makes it a must watch. So I would totally recommend this to everyone watching this.

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