Why The Flash is the Only Human Living In the Present

‘The Flash’ debuted on Tuesday night to a whopping 4.8m total viewers, the show is surely awesome. The series’ success was not only phenomenal to DC but also to CW which had one of the best debuts in past five years.

The Flash is the fastest man alive and even faster than you might think he is.

Let me begin with saying that you live in the past, weird right? For every thing you input in your brain there is a suitable output given by your brain but here’s the catch, the time the signal reaches your brain and the desire output your brain gives there is a bit of time difference, well that my friends is the lag.

Light hits your eye or a sound hits your ear and milliseconds later you actually perceive light or sound. Right now you are looking at this screen as it was a few milliseconds in the past. Reality is on a delay. For you, nothing is now.

So if we live in the past how are we able to navigate in the present? You can say that we have a weak grip of time. To know more about how our minds perceive the past, present, and future read this piece on Scientific American.

Of course, pop culture often bends the rules of science in the name of a good story.

Okay, now getting back to Flash, we already know that he is the fastest man, but how fast? Well, close enough to speed of light. It is even visible that, when Flash runs a red blur appears to observers during which time effectively stands still for him. As he rushes he experiences the world in blue shift, a phenomenon when all light would appear to be at a higher frequency.

The Flash Trail

Being the fastest thing alive isn’t very useful if vision blurs into blue obscurity when you travel. Well, not for Flash as he even processes information in his brain at the speed of light, that the reason behind that slow down in Barry Allen’s vision in the first episode of The Flash.

The Flash Slow Down

Do you know what all he can do which that super fast processing in his brain, the very first thing is that he will be able to process all the individual frames from the movie. The world would be crystal clear to him than any human being on this planet.

Now imagine how effectively would Flash be able to listen to things, For us Humans we know a principle in physics which is Doppler’s effects, say a person is screaming but as you move away from him the sound gradually goes on decreasing that is the Doppler’s effect. As Flash proceeds at superhuman speed, the length of sound waves will shorten in the direction he travels until he passes the source of the sound at which point the sound waves will lengthen.

Captain Cold

Wentworth Miller will play Captain Cold.

Anyways, The Flash is awesome, there are many reasons for that one of which would be that The Flash debut was better than most TV superhero 1st episodes, thanks to embracing its comic roots. Many compare Peter Parker (Spiderman) with Barry Allen but I prefer Barry Allen.

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