The First Ghost In The Shell Trailer Is Here & It’s Like The Anime

From Manga to Anime and now a Hollywood Live-Action, Ghost in the Shell has sure come a long way. I know there are a heck lot of controversy surrounding the role of Major Motoko Kusanagi played by Scarlett Johansson but if you will watch the trailer which was just released you’ll pleasantly forget that.

As you can see, visually it’s right on the money, although many of the plot details are still under wraps. What seems clear so far is that, while many of the set pieces are recognisable from the original manga and anime, the film’s story may turn out to be less familiar. Plus star Scarlett Johansson really seems to nail the human on the inside, cyborg on the outside of her character.

Ghost in the Shell understandably had fans of the iconic anime worried when it was first announced. Live action anime movies are tricky, and taking on something as well known and loved as this is enough to make more than a few people pause for a minute.

Ghost in the Shell

The movie does look pretty visually stunning, but of course you’d hope for nothing less given the source material. As for whether the new Ghost in the Shell adds anything of significance to the franchise, we’ll have to wait until it’s released on March 31st 2017.

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