The Eye-Catching Anime Expo 2015 Cosplay Gallery

Anime Expo (AX) is the second longest running anime convention after A-kon. It features many events and activities during the convention for attendees to take part in such as guest panels, table top gaming, competitions, an arcade, and concerts. Cosplay and Anime announcements are one of the key things that happen every year.

Talking about cosplay, like every year this year was no exception to Anime Expo Cosplay extravaganza. There were some really spectacular showcases. Here are some of the eye-catching cosplay from the convention.

Lucina & Owain

Lucina and Owain Cosplay from Fire Emblem: Awakening by Squidpond and her friend, Photographed by Unknown.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke Cosplay by Nidalee, Photographed by Evan Guerrero.

L Cosplay

L Cosplay by AnimantX, Photographed by SituImage.

No Game No Life

Shiro Cosplay by Unknown, Photographed by Evan Guerrero.

Hextech Janna and DRAVEN Selfie

Hextech Janna and Draven Cosplay from LoL, Photo by Vrin.

Lucina Cosplay

Lucina Cosplay by Carli Holland, Photographed by Unknown.

SAO II Cosplay

SAO II Cosplay, Photographed by Evan Guerrero.

Inori Cosplay

Inori Cosplay by Rin, Photographed by Unknown.

Tarin Cosplay

Tarin Cosplay from LoL, Photographed by Michael Scott.


Zed Cosplay from LoL, Photo by Darksoul0719.

Rize Cosplay

Rize Cosplay from Tokyo Ghoul by Javi, Photographed by her friend.

Albert L. Ortega

Photographed by Albert L. Ortega.

Saber Cosplay

Saber Cosplay from Fate Series, Photographed by Lumdigital.

Gundam Cosplay

Gundam Cosplay, Photographed by Unknown.

Yoko Cosplay

Yoko Cosplay, Photographed by Ivan Aburto.

Food Wars Cosplay

Food Wars Cosplay, Photographed by Ivan Aburto.

Hestia Cosplay

Hestia Cosplay from DanMachi, Photographed by Ivan Aburto.

Rei Cosplay

Rei Cosplay from Evangelion, Photographed by Ivan Aburto.

AoT Cosplay

Attack on Titans Cosplay, Photographed by skiiiill.

Assassin Cosplay

Assassin Cosplay from Fate/Stay Night UBW, Photographed by skiiiill.

Trigun Cosplay

Trigun Cosplay, Photographed by skiiiill.

Hisoka Cosplay

Hisoka Cosplay from Hunter X Hunter, Photographed by skiiiill.

Teen Titans Cosplay

Teen Titans Cosplay, Photographed by David Ngo.


Hatsune Miku Cosplay, Photographed by Matt.

Unknown Cosplay

Unknown Cosplay, Photographed by Matt.

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