This Incredible Cosplay Music Video Features The Best Of MAGFest 2016

Beat Down Boogie is known for their fabulous Cosplay Videos and that Mario Web-Series. This time around they’ve made this really amazing video showcasing some of the best cosplay from MAGFest 2016.

For the clueless folks, MAGFest is an annual festival held in the DC metro area that celebrates video games and video game music, as well as their surrounding culture. This year, the festival was held on Feb 18 and lasted till Feb 21, packed with all the awesomeness you’d expect.

Following are some screen grabs from the above video. Meanwhile don’t forget to checkout Beat Down Boogie for more such awesomeness.

MAGFest 2016 1 MAGFest 2016 2 MAGFest 2016 3 MAGFest 2016 4 MAGFest 2016 5 MAGFest 2016 7 MAGFest 2016 8 MAGFest 2016 9 MAGFest 2016 10 MAGFest 2016 11 MAGFest 2016 12 MAGFest 2016 13

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