Sword Art Online Live-Action Series is Currently In Development

Sword Art Online is as an anime series generated quite the fuzz when it was released. Although I still have mixed feelings about both the seasons released till date.

For starters, Sword Art Online has been adapted from manga to anime to video game and now soon it’s going to be a Live-Action series.

According to Hollywood Reporter, independent production company Skydance Television has acquired global live-action rights to Sword Art Online in a partnership with Kadokawa Corp.

Again I have mixed feelings about this, I mean if the budget of the show isn’t good, everything will look like cheap CGI. Afterall Sword Art Online is based in a RPG like Universe. Although they could use use practical effects and traditional animatronic stuff to stay in budget and still be cool.


Here’s how Skydance describes its potential live-action series:

It follows a brilliant young beta tester Kirito and his group of friends when they are trapped — alongside 10,000 other people — in a next-generation virtual reality online role-playing game. The game is a world unto itself: filled with sword fighting, monsters, magic and mystery, where the stakes are life and death. Kirito and an ensemble of diverse characters must fight their way through this hostile environment while making lives for themselves in the fantastical world that is Sword Art Online.

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