SWAT Kats to Return After 22 Years, Thanks to Crowdfunding

Today all of a sudden I came across this news about SWAT Kats and boy I was overjoyed. C’mon, how can I forget those days of my childhood when I was totally hooked to SWAT Kats among many others shows from Cartoon Network.

Well that was that, but apparently I and many other fans of the show can soon have more of the infamous Radical Squadron.

Apparently the original creators of the series Christian Tremblay and Yvon Tremblay have taken to Kickstarter to crowdfund their project to bring back the cartoon series after 22 long years.

Originally I thought this was some kind of graphic novel, because that’s what was feasible but I never expected SWAT-Kats: Revolution to be Kickstarting for TV Series.

The initial goal of SWAT-Kats: Revolution is to reach $50k mark which will result in a TV series bible, 3 scripts, character design and concept art. If things go great and if they stretch the mark, we might even get a 70 Minute Movie. {See the Infographic Below for Detailed Goals}

Currently, they are over $40k at the time of writing this post and there’s almost a month to go for their campaign to end. So there’s time.

BTW, Be Awesome and Support SWAT Kats on Kickstarter.

SWAT Kats Kickstarter

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