Support Darkfall, An Upcoming Horror Film Shot Using Practical Effects On KIckstarter

There was a time when I used to enjoy horror movies. I mean these days most horror movies strive on the element of surprise. Sure that is the key element of any horror film but a equally spooky storyline which can get users scared as hell also does matter.

Anyways today I came across Darkfall, a really interesting Horror film project on Kickstarter. What makes it distinct is that it is promising practical effects and magic illusions instead of CGI.

Sure that sounds like a challenge but when you look at the people behind this project you won’t be disappointed.

The writer and director is R. Paul Wilson the creator of the hit BBC show The Real Hustle. He is the world’s foremost expert on cons and scams, a master magician on the art of deception.

Even the folks behind practical effects, Mike Elizalde (X-Men, Hellboy, Birdman) & Eden Elizalde (American Horror Story) are widely popular for their works.

A teaser for the film has already being released, shot in contemporary film that pays homage to fine classic techniques.

Unexplained massacre inspires live TV seance. It goes horribly wrong.

Darkfall explores how reality is perverted by how we experience it. The film features three perspectives of the same reality. One is that of the people watching the televised scene at home.


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