Superheroes On TV Make Lot Of Sense Than On Big Screen

I’m not sure exactly what prompted me to say this but I really think Superheroes make a lot of sense on TV.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Superhero movies but they have a limited perspective. It’s not about Marvel or DC but about the fundamental idea of storytelling.

Think of it in this way, movies have bigger budgets and probably less focus on lesser known characters and developments. Take a show like The Flash for instance, Initial few episodes of the series showed Barry Allen making rookie mistakes, catching a few thieves and enjoying his newly found powers. While the movie will probably just dive right fighting the major villain after telling a quick origin story.


The fine folks at Marvel did a fine job crafting their cinematic universe but if you compare Daredevil with something like the Civil War, you would appreciate Daredevil more for it’s ability to keep you hooked to the story.

I mean what are the odds of seeing something like Smallville on the Big Screen, honestly very low. While unlike others, I don’t think Superhero movies are ruining Hollywood, I do think they concentrate more on the fireworks.

Sure movies with higher budgets can probably paint a better picture but can they tell a deeper story?


Just look at all those Animated series you’ll saw as Kids from X-Men Evolution to Justice League Unlimited, they painted a completely different picture than what we see now. Sure the target audience and the time was different but they were definitely fun, even today.

You won’t see Superman go on a date with Lois Lane on the Big Screen, unless it serves any purpose to the actual story. Which sounds totally okay from one perspective but to get a deeper dive it is needed.

So in a nutshell, TV offers better and wider scope of storytelling while movies try to cover what’s necessary with some cuts to deeper character developments.

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