Star Wars Fan Spends a Year Building an Epic 7,500-piece LEGO Millennium Falcon

In anticipation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one fan decided to build a LEGO model of Millennium Falcon — a 7,500-piece version to be exact, and guess what he nailed it! Marshall Banana spent a year planning and building this 7,500 piece replica of the latest version of Han Solo’s ride.

Falcon 3 Falcon 4

“My main goal was to present the model in a flying position, which was a huge task. Due to its internal framework it was not possible to include an interior, but I was able to fully lighten the model, And there was still enough space left to include a detailed cockpit (with 4 seats), gunner’s platform and a lowering ramp,” Marshall Banana wrote.

Falcon 5 Falcon 6 Millennium Falcon 2

For the record, the biggest official LEGO Star Wars model ever made is the Ultimate Collectors Series Falcon, which consists of more than 5,000 pieces but Marshall Banana’s version of the new Falcon is bigger and better. It is nearly three feet in length and weighs about 10 Kilos.

Don’t forget to check his Flickr page for more such awesomeness including a LEGO version of Cowboy Bebop Swordfish.

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