Square Enix’s Batman/Two-Face Figure is Insanely Awesome

I usually don’t talk about figures or collectables here but there’s this one awesome figure which caught my eyes by storm.

Square Enix unveiled a new assortment of DC Comics Play Arts Kai Variant Batman figures. Called the Rogue Series, the new collection of figures mixes Batman with some of his most notorious villains.

This one in particular fuses him with Two-Face or Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent was Gotham’s district attorney as well as its, brightest star until his body and face was disfigured from a dousing of acid in court. Ever since that day, Dent has been known by his criminal moniker, Two-Face, and has become one of Batman’s most notorious villains.

The figure even has a custom Batarang that is split down the middle as well, and also includes a grappling gun, an interchangeable head, and a few swappable hands. The Square Enix Play Arts Kai Two Face Batman figure is expected to ship November 2016. It’s priced at 21,384 yen, or roughly two-hundred American dollars, that’s pretty expensive!

BTW if Two-Face is not your thing, you can wait for their Joker/Batman figure which is expected to launch soon. Meanwhile look at the amazing shots of the thing below!

Batman/Two-Face Figure 1 Batman/Two-Face Figure 2 Batman/Two-Face Figure 3 Batman/Two-Face Figure 4 Batman/Two-Face Figure 5 Batman/Two-Face Figure 6 Batman/Two-Face Figure 7 Batman/Two-Face Figure 8 Batman/Two-Face Figure 9


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