Is Spider-Man’s Costume in Captain America: Civil War Weird?

We finally got the first glimpse of new Spider-Man from the MCU. There’s literally just 5 seconds of footage of Spidey in the final trailer of Captain America: Civil War. Still enough to get a rough idea of Spider-Man’s Costume.

As expected, reactions to the first look of the new costume for the character were mixed.

Unlike others I liked the basketball-esque texture which were reminiscent of the previous Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man suits. Still those lines are not that thick like the previous iterations which barely makes them distinguishable.

Spider-Man’s Costume 2

To be honest, I am not a big fan of CG as it makes things look so fake. Sure the folks over at Marvel did tribute the Silver Age design but those eyes are actually the key highlight of his costume. Those moving black-and-white eyes feel right out of the pages of a comic.

Except for the barely visible Spider-emblem on the character’s chest the costume is actually awesome. It’s maybe a weirdly over-elaborate way to bring a comic book staple to the big screen, but it’s a good fan service plus it’s more about the execution than the appearance.

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