Sony Wants To Establish A Cinematic Universe Around Harbinger and Bloodshot

Yes, Sony already owns the rights to Spiderman and they aren’t going back to Marvel. But this isn’t about that complicated relationship.

Apparently, Sony owns the rights to Harbinger and Bloodshot which are published by Valiant Comics. So now they are allegedly moving forward with a plan to bring the Harbinger and Bloodshot comics to the big screen.

In between all the nuisances of DC and Marvel, Valiant seems to be a silent snake ready to bite. Last year Valiant  received about nine-figure investment from DMG Entertainment to fund movie and television development along with other eight-figures investment in Valiant itself.

Valiant Cover

Last year, I reported that Bloodshot will be the first flick to be out in 2017 from Sony Valiant Universe. Seems like now Sony has changed plans for its Valiant Cinematic Universe which will now launch with Harbinger, moving Bloodshot behind it as a follow-up, according to TheWrap. Bloodshot will reportedly act as the villain of Harbinger, before segueing off to his own film afterwards. With Bloodshot originally announced for a 2017 release date, it’s not known if Harbinger will assume that launch window or is planned for a later timeframe.

The first two films are said to focus on Peter Stanchek, a teenager who has powerful telekinesis, and Bloodshot, a man brought back from the dead with the help of nanites, who hunts down “Harbingers” or Superhumans like Peter. It’s a perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy that’s really unlike anything currently available from other major franchises.

Haven’t explored Valiant Comic Universe yet? Here’s a quick window inside the Valiant Universe.

Do you think there’s room for yet another expanded universe?

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