Some Of The Most Psychotic Movie Characters

In movies, there are characters girls refer to as heartthrobs, then there are some female protagonist who make the audiences skip a beat, there are some villains who induce fear in people’s mind and then there are some of these characters whose psychotic behavior permanently leaves a mark on the audiences, making them their worst nightmares.

The most important thing about such characters is their Dark side and how amazingly it is portrayed in some movies which makes them truly immortal in people’s mind. Below is my list of some of the top psychotic movie characters according to me.

Jigsaw Killer

Psychotic Movie Characters 1

Movie: The SAW series

Played by: Tobin bell

“I want to play a game.”

Well this character needs no special introduction. Almost every hollywood enthusiast has seen one of the film from this series. And what truly makes this series memorable is the brutality displayed in it. The Amanda mouth trap, pounds of flesh trap, the scalping and the angel trap, you may call me a weird but this traps are pretty legendary causing a pain in many viewers stomach. The name Jigsaw Killer resembles to the way John Kramer took a Jigsaw puzzle piece shape of his failed victim’s flesh. What viewers distinctly remember is the scene of Jigsaw Killer entering the scene riding his tricycle. Enough said this character was played by Tobin Bell. Suffering from some kind of cancer, John Kramer decides to end his life by the way of suicide. But after a failed attempt to do the same ends up finding an appreciation for his life. He decides to dedicate his entire life making others realize the same appreciation by ‘playing a game’ to examine their will to live and well weren’t his methods just too brutally awesome? His victims mostly included people who took their life for granted or people who have made other people lives miserable. Even though talks about this character might have gone cold now but the voice saying “ I want to play a game” still echoes.

Patrick Bateman

Psychotic Movie Characters 2

Movie: American Psycho

Played by: Christian Bale

“I’m into, uhh murders and executions mostly. It depends.”

The man behind our beloved Dark Knight Trilogy, played a psychotic killer in this movie. The character of Patrick Bateman is one of the most amazing psychotic character in hollywood history. Take care, this movie is not to be watched with your parents sitting besides you. Not because of the scenes involving prostitutes and all but rather due to the insanity and mysterious character of Patrick Bateman which has shocked many of its viewer and has left them amazed (even me for the matter of fact). As a coin has two sides, so does Patrick Bateman’s character. On one hand he is a wealthy investment banker who has a very sophisticated life and a kind of person who cares about looks, fitness, likes, dislikes etc. On the other hand he is a brutal serial killer. He is seen murdering colleagues, homeless people and prostitutes in the movie to vent out his frustration. This sophisticated character even gets frustrated when he finds out that his colleagues have better business cards than him and what happens next, well you know it. The Paul allen scene and the chainsaw scene has surely been a highlight of Patrick Bateman’s insanity. The motive still remains kind of unknown because of the way how brilliantly mysterious the character has been displayed.

The Joker

Psychotic Movie Characters 3

Movie: The Dark knight

Played by: Heath Ledger

“Do you want to know how I got this scars???”

Surely this guy desired to watch the entire world burn down to his feet. This guy is pure evil! Thats all i have to say. The Joker, in this movie is one of the most amazing character the entire world has ever seen or will ever see and here I would like to mind my words while writing in this part. Watching such a character made people forget the chocolate boy image of Heath Ledger and other actors who played the Jokes’s role previously. And frankly speaking with the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, i don’t underestimate anyone (you know what happened when we underestimated Heath Ledger right?) but Jared Leto surely has some big Shoes to fill in. The way he terrorizes both Gotham and the Batman, the way he breaks down the entire city’s administration, the way he speaks about his scars, his unpredictability is just plain awesome. The efforts Heath Ledger had put in to fit in this role after many speculations and criticism, requires something more than just accolades. Some of the unscripted scenes performed by him was nothing but sheer brilliance. He is the only villain who is loved more than the hero and it would surely require some guts to deny that. No one ever understood what the joker really wanted or his true motives are. The only motive that the Joker made clear was “ Its simple. We kill the batman.” But again what would the Joker do without the Batman. You or we can say anyone would never know what goes through the mind of this agent of chaos and thats what makes him even more awesome. And lastly its a Nolan flick so everything needs to be awesome right?

Hannibal Lecter

Psychotic Movie Characters 4

Movie: Hannibal rising/Red Dragon/Hannibal/The silence of the Lambs

Played by: Anthony Hopkins

“ I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti”

I guess cannibalism does count as a psychotic act, right? This character needs no introduction. ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’ as this character is popularly known, is one of the most dark characters I have witnessed till now and I bet even you will think so after watching the movie series of Thomas Harris’s novels. The movies surely has some really intense and frightening scenes which are quite disturbing (Call me insane but i find them awesome). This well mannered psychopath (that’s what I call him.) is sophisticated, cultured, insanely intelligent, well educated, multilingual and has a refined taste for various art forms and cuisines and has a strange obsession to kill ill mannered people. Well over the years several films based on Hannibal were produced and released, but the one which did stood out was the series starring Sir Anthony Hopkins whose oscar winning role defined Hannibal as an icon. With his sister Mischa murdered and cannibalized and a further disturbing childhood and an obsession to avenge his sister’s death Hannibal grew up to be a psychiatrist cum serial killer and acquired the cannibalistic mentality for which he is famous for. The scene of Kindler’s last meal (the brain scene) made many viewers forget their dinner. Overall the character is just another Legend you can say and with such a great portrayal in the movie this psychotic character surely catches everyone’s attention. Afterall the title of ‘SIR’ is not given out every day, right?

Amy Dunne

Psychotic Movie Characters 5

Movie: Gone Girl

Played by: Rosamund Pike

“I’ve killed for you. Who else can say that? ”

Many of you would argue with me over this inclusion, but seriously guys when you go to such lengths to just teach your partner a lesson for cheating and making him pay, that ain’t normal either. The character portrayed by Rosamund Pike in this movie alongside Ben Affleck left doubts in the mind of viewers regarding their partners. The plot amazingly compliments the darkness showcased by this character which makes it even more fantastic. Not to forget Rosamund Pike held on to the role extraordinarily well. The sudden disappearance, the staging of murder, the revival, the back-up plan, and the end which leaves Nick Dunnes helpless was all displayed in a unbelievably perfect manner. I mean the no loose ends plan she made to avenge what wrong was done to her is just an example of her intellectual brilliance and her level of sanity (It would be an insult to call her insane after such a brilliant plot). Many consider the violent intimate scene of Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris as the headline performance. I mean the way she murders him, it was like a WOW scene in the theatres. And then the ending scenes of the movie where Amy makes Nick look nothing but a fish out of water just exhibits the brilliance of the character. American sweetheart + intellectual psychopath = awesomeness.

Well this was my list of psychotic characters which I feel were the best till now. Tell us about your favorite psychotic characters which you would like to mention in the list by commenting below.

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