Some of the Insanely Intelligent TV Characters

TV right now is in it’s golden age, we have such a distinct variety of shows with such immense quality that is just amazing. In today’s era, when many kickass comic heroes shows and many amazing fictional and bygone days melodrama have taken over the TV world, entertainment has taken a whole different route. But amidst of all this there’s that something that has gone missing.

By this I mean the intellectual quotient in today’s plot that has ceased to exist. So this article is to remind you of those characters whose shrewdness has etched their names in innumerable hearts and has justified the quote (as said in Sherlock) “Brainy is the new sexy”.

PS: The list here is purely based on individual brilliance of the character and not the character’s performance according to the plot.

Sherlock Holmes


Series: Sherlock
Played by: Benedict Cumberbatch

“I’m not a psychopath. I’m a high-functioning sociopath.”

‘Sherlock’ seems to be the metaphor that’s most appropriate for ‘intellect’. The world’s first consulting detective has enjoyed the limelight since its creation by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th century. And well the TV version of it, surely justifies it’s legacy.

Amidst various TV shows and movies that have been released on this character, this series surely has brought out the sheer brilliance of this character. With the same old Sherlock and Dr. Watson’s adventures but with a modern twist, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is the most beloved one. According to me he even beats Robert Downey Jr. in this. (But still he is Robert Downey Jr. so he is awesome as hell)

Logical reasoning for everything, ironic, astute, clever and anti-social and having deductive skills like no other, Sherlock sits at the pinnacle of the long chain of intellectual characters.

By far, what I found the best thing in the series is his constant conflict with Moriarty and his intellectual equivalent Augustus Magnussen. Being Sherlock’s fiercest rival, Moriarty seems to bring out the best in him and I guess his impact is here to stay in the series looking at the climax of the season 3 finale.

Enough said, the name itself is enough. And I don’t think I will be spared if such a list was made without him.

Dr. Gregory House


Series: House M.D
Played by: Hugh Laurie

“The truth about human nature is that everyone lies. The only variable is about what.”

Call him the son or a blood relative of Sherlock, many say that this character has been inherited/inspired from the world famous detective taking into considerations their similarities. But for House, there’s this extra bit of spice that makes him exclusive as an individual.

This titular protagonist has made the series the best medical melodrama by far. This medical Sherlock as he is popularly known, is surely one of a kind and it would surely not be an exaggeration, but you can say it was kind of a privilege to witness such a work. Not only for the actor, but the people who made this character what it is today, House was nothing less than a phenomena.

All that matters to him is solving the impossible puzzle. His unconventional ways to solve medical mysteries and cases and the extent to which he reaches to do so makes this series quite amazing. This character, even though being a egomaniac, condescending and a narcissist, and with all his humiliation and sarcasm, some how finds a way to connect with its viewers.

His uncanny relationship with his so called only friend Dr. Wilson is what puts the icing on the cake. Some episodes involving both of them, brings out the the side of House which viewers have seldom experienced.

The character just showcased his brilliance flawlessly and thus creating a different class for himself. I would definitely want a Medic like him in my pack, which earns him a spot in my list.

Dexter Morgan

Dexter Morgan

Series: Dexter
Played by: Michael C. Hall

“Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos. ”

Now here’s something different. What would you do if you enter your room to see it covered in plastic with the bed ready to rest a body upon and with butchering tools on the table? Then you better start regretting your sins cause that’s the Bay Harbor Butcher for you.

Developed on screen from the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, according to me Dexter has been the most influential character as a murderer by far. I mean in an era when criminal and investigative type series were on the top, Dexter delivered something different that viewers had or have never experienced till date. And accolades for Michael C Hall who truly brought justice to the terrorism of this character.

With the iconic startup song and an exclusive music,Dexter is just amazing with the way he goes about the entire series. The blend of a forensic expert and a murderer is displayed just brilliantly. His ability to look behind people’s false faces, his skillset, loyalty to the code, and mainly his motives. And what’s surprising is that even after doing such dark things he manages to live a pretty normal life for most of the series.

The best part of the series has been the new nemesis that Dexter faces in every season, each having their own individuality and ways to get Dexter to the edge. And also Dexter’s progression from a controlled killer to a family guy, a husband, a father and a brother is what caught my attention the most. His inability to read emotional situations and awkwardness during social events brings out the light moments in the series.

So all together Dexter is just awesome and one of the most darkest character you will ever witness. A dark character with such intellect is enough to mention him in the list.

Sheldon Cooper


Series: The Big Bang Theory
Played by: Jim Parsons

”I cry because others are stupid, which makes me sad.”

He is the only one here to be involved in comedy full time and still make it to the list. There’s won’t be a person, at least in this galaxy who could win an arguement with him. As displayed in the series he wants to be the Mr. perfect and the best around and crosses all limits to prove so.

A theoretical physicist by nature it would be fair enough to say that Sheldon Cooper is the thing that sets the series ablaze. Throughout the series it’s never shown that he lacks the knowledge of anything. This character is some of the few who could run the business solo. Sheldon is what we describe as strange on the first look. With his iconic superhero T-shirts, and his love for klingon, Spock and his Mee-maw, Sheldon has seldom failed to amaze the audience with his characteristics.

He is highly intelligent, logical, has a very sharp memory, knows about almost everything but has his own share of faults too. His intelligence combined with his obsessions, narcissism, and unorthodox mannerism is what makes him such a viewer favorite. His introduction to Amy his girlfriend (girl-who-is-a-friend types) and his relationship with her proved to be a home run for the series.

So all together, you don’t always meet a guy a gets his first phd at age 16, has a groundbreaking IQ and a eidetic memory, right?

Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane

Series: The Mentalist
Played by: Simon Baker

“Knowing what people secretly want is what I do!”

His role might resemble that of Sherlock’s but his methods do not. Surely one can say that the character has been inspired to compete other intellects during that period, but there’s something different about him that makes his originality splurt out to the audience.

The character’s initial impression might not be the one expected looking at his progression in the later part of the series which is totally amazing. The thing that separates him from the rest of the intellects is his hunger for revenge. That’s what makes the series more interesting and the character what it is today. His only purpose in life was to take revenge from the man who disrupted his life.

Overall, Patrick Jane’s character comes out as a joyous and a playful soul throughout the series. But he carries a heavy burden of guilt due to some consequences of his past actions. He is an excellent mind reader and has never failed to misread someone’s mind. His mind games, astonishing observation skills, a brilliant and a mischievous mind, disregard for the authority, manipulation techniques, and strange tricks to solve cases are the headliners for this character and they are displayed just brilliantly. He even uses hypnosis sometimes.

Even with such amazing qualities and gruesome efforts to fulfil his purpose he has this charismatic smile on his face which is has become a thing one could never forget about. This character can even dance cook, carry a song and is also a virtuoso.

I guess master manipulator, deductive skills, body language and mind reading techniques are all signs of a genius, which would earn him a spot in the list.

Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin

Series: Family Guy
Voiced by: Seth MacFarlane

”So if guns kill people, pencil misspells words, cars drive drunk and spoons make people fat ”

Well it was hell of a choice to decide between him and Lisa simpson but given the way Brian’s aggression and influence is displayed, I made up my mind.

Brian the youngest of the beloved American Griffin family, is the most astute guy in the entire show. It’s just amazing how this one year old infant has been depicted in the series. He is flamboyant, eccentric, sarcastic and has a higher intelligence. Being only a year old he is a master in physics, mechanical engineering and firearms.

With his iconic teddy bear Rupert, Stewie is evil minded as well. He is obsessed with world domination (was almost successful in doing so once) and is even called ‘Evil Rex Harrison’ by his voice actor. He also commits loads of crime like robbery, murders, acts of terrorism etc. in the series. He is even seen plotting his own mother’s assassination several times in the series. He shares all his secrets with his teddy Rupert, but from the series you will witness his close relationship with his family dog Brian.

So being the only Virtual guy in the list with such dazzling personality and a master mind, he gets an honorable mention.

Do you have any other character in mind? Any suggestions? Comment below.

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