Some Of The Best Manga Series Worth Checking Out

I haven’t talked about manga since a long time here, sure I still read an awful amount of them. Recently I got more inclined towards manhwa but I still think manga Library is richer in diversity.

For starters I don’t think I need to speak about popular manga series like Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist and Hunter X Hunter among many others but there are some series which I think really do stand out but don’t get the attention they deserve. These are some of those best Manga series that you’ll must add to your reading list.

Alive the Final Evolution

Alive the Final Evolution

Evolution on a genetical level is a big thing, still it is subtle. Imagine an evolved species of Humans just shows up — what do you think they will treat us like? Probably something like how we treat animals (Okay that’s overexertion).

This series follows the life of Taisuke Kanou, he soon finds out about the evolving humans and how some evolved humans are misusing their gifts in killing normal humans like cattle. This manga focus on the journey of overpowered Kanou along with other good humans in a journey to make this world normal again. Quite an interesting read to be honest.

Koe No Katachi

Koe No Katachi

Disability is a curse. You maybe not grateful for how healthy and sound you are there will a small group of disables wanting to be you and live a normal life. Many times disabled people face problems which just can’t be understood. Something like bullying, parental stress and so on.

Koe No Katachi explores the life of a deaf girl and the problem she faces over her different phases of life. I just loved this series, sure it is not that big if you are expecting 100+ chapters but still something worth considering.



As we grow up we get a sense of maturity, we are burdened with responsibility and we often get stressed. I still remember the time when I was a kid and didn’t gave a damn about what would happen tomorrow. Times when deciding between a Chocolate and Strawberry ice-cream was tough.

Yotsuba&I! showcases that curious, restless and adventurous time. The time you and I would like to return to. The series is quite pleasing to read but I hate that it’s a monthly series not weekly.



The glamourous world of stars is just a glitter on the surface in reality they too have their problems. Okay not all of them but the ones who struggle, the ones who get misguided when it comes to stress management.

The manga derives its title from the name of the two main characters, both of whom are called Nana. One Nana want to debut with her band while the other Nana just wants to be settled in life but as usual life doesn’t like you would wish it would, does it. Sometimes even on the top of your dreams you are not happy. The realistic approach with strong themes is something that is worth looking for in this series.



In the near future, Humans will venture out from this planet we call Earth and settle in faraway lands. Of course not that far away if you talk about near future still we may conquer the estates surrounding Earth like Moon or build those floating space colonies. Ever imagined what would happen if this happens, population explosion my friend.

A huge part of space will be filled with junk, debris from artificial satellites just like the garbage on Earth — only the fact that this debris floating in space is deadly as collision with even a small particulate will result in a huge disaster.

The series Planetes follows the story of Technora’s Debris Collecting section a.k.a space janitors who are assigned the task of cleaning the mess in the space but the story is more than this. Props must be giving for the writer’s efforts in character development.



Reading Beelzebub is fun, it’s kinda like that book you would pick up after a busy day at school or work. The lighthearted series follows the life of Tatsumi Oga who is suddenly been chosen as the one to raise the son of the great demon king. The manga follows Oga’s life as he tries to raise the child while enrolled at Ishiyama High.

Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms

Manga Worth Reading

Despite of it’s weird title this short one volume series is some of the finest stories you would read. The series consists of two stories, ‘Town of Evening Calm’ and ‘Country of Cherry Blossoms’ which are connected. It’s a masterpiece of tragedy, despair, hope, and life. The bombing of Hiroshima in World War II was an extremely significant, and tragic, event. The immediate effects were obvious, and frightening. But it’s the less obvious ripples that Fumiyo Kouno relates to us in these incredible stories.

Oyasumi Punpun

 oyasumi punpun

We change as we grow into an adult, there are many factors in life which mould us into what we are right now. Reality and fantasy are two different things and this series showcases how reality is tough.

This series follows Onodera Punpun, a normal child depicted in the form of a bird. The story follows him as he copes with his dysfunctional family and friends, his love interest, his oncoming adolescence and his hyperactive mind from his Elementary school, Middle school, High school, and his early 20s. This is something which you should definitely pick up no matter how childish that title sounds.

Have you’ll read any of these series or would like to recommend some of your own favorites? Do comment below!

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  • Ayumi Kuronuma

    Beelzebub is kind of meh. But for the most part, a very good list.

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