Some of the Best Games from E3 2015

Like every year this was no exception to E3’s gaming extravaganza.

Heck, now Xbox One is going to finally get backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games and that’s totally awesome. We even learned that Virtual Reality is going to be a big thing in the future of gaming.

But it all comes down to games as that’s what E3 is about. There were just so many eye drooling games at E3 2015 which just couldn’t disappoint. Here are some of those games which I can’t wait to get my hand on.


Yes! Doom is back. The oldest FPS game returns and it looks amazing. The new Doom, like the old one a straightforward shooter, with faster movements, ugly monsters and big-ass guns. It’s just prettier now with today’s standard graphics.


Halo 5: Guardians

Finally a proper Halo game from Microsoft. Halo 5 footage has looked really solid so far, and we’re promised that it will run at a rock-solid 60fps. Halo 5: Guardians also introduces a new take on multiplayer: Warzone. Embracing a mix of competitive action and objective-driven survival

halo 5

Fallout 4

After the immense success of Skyrim, the next title from Bethesda surely feels awesome. This games sounds even more amazing after Microsoft announced that PC mods will also run on the Xbox One version of games. The game itself looks amazing.


The Division

Probably the most awaited game. The Division made its appearance thrice in E3 and now it’s finally ready. Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic vision of New York City is stunningly detailed, thanks to the delay now it can leverage the power of new hardware. The potential of social play is huge. Similar to games like Destiny and Guild Wars, The Division lumps friends and strangers into the same game world.

The Division

Just Cause 3

I have been waiting for this for eternity now and now finally my long wait paid off. For starters, I love open world games and Just Cause 3 seems to add bombastic madness to my likes.

Just Cause 3

Minecraft Hololens

I know it will take a long time before we see a retail version of Microsoft Hololens but seriously watching the Minecraft Hololens demo I was blown off. I always loved VR gaming but idea of using a yourself as a controller always seems appealing to me.

Minecraft Hololens

The Last Guardian

Originally this game was supposed to be released for PS3 but after nearly a decade in development Sony finally showed off the game running on the PS4, and it looks great. Mony of the credits here goes to its art which is second to none.

The Last Guardian

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront looks and sounds amazing. You can hear every crunch of the ground underneath you and every thermal detonator explosion. Even though Battlefront is a perfect slice into the nitty gritty of Star Wars’ battles, it lacks the rambunctiousness of other first person shooters, which is a good thing.


Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

I liked the first game and looking at the trailer even this seems promising to me. This time around though you can’t use guns at all, not even pick them up which seems little disappointing. The first-person action platformer will tell the origin story of main character Faith in the City of Glass.


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