Some of the Best Final Fantasy Cosplay

Final Fantasy is one of those games which you used to play when you were young and would even love to play now, heck I am not talking about playing 8-bit NES games using emulator but the one with current gen graphics. Yes it’s that game with a hell lot of sequels, still most Final Fantasy installments have independent plots.

The series which began in 1987 has been commercially and critically successful; it is Square Enix’s best selling video game franchise, with more than 110 million units sold, and is one of the best-selling videogame franchises of all time. BTW have you seen the Final Fantasy XV – Dawn Trailer? Its bonkers!

Today after a long break, I decided to feature some of the best Final Fantasy Cosplay. These were the best ones I could find, if you spot a better one somewhere hit it in the comments section below. Meanwhile explore the awesomeness of cosplayers below.

{Above} Shiva Sisters from Final Fantasy XIII, Cosplay by Nix-Nikita & Stiria-Sikay, Photo by Nakana Focus.


Gabranth Cosplay from Final Fantasy XII, Cosplay by Shoko, Photo by Kai.

Yuna and Rikku

Yuna and Rikku Cosplay from Final Fantasy X 2, Cosplay by Rose & Kitty, Costume by
Aurum Cosplay.


Tidus from Final Fantasy X, Cosplay by Leon Chiro.


Belgemine, Shiva, Auron, Lulu, Rikku, Tidus & Yuna Cosplay from Final Fantasy X, Photo by FightingDreamersPro.


Zack Fair & Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy XII, Cosplay by Lisa & Ansuchi.


Edea from Final Fantasy VIII, Cosplay by Lokinst.


Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, Cosplay by Marcus, Photo by Xeno.

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger from Final Fantasy Vll, Cosplay by Darcy Keely


Bartz from Final Fantasy Dissidia, Cosplay by Mr. Kitty, Photo by beethy.

Caius Ballad

Caius Ballad from Final Fantasy XIII-2, Cosplay by Leon Chiro.

Final Fantasy VII Group

Kadaj, Sephiroth, Yazoo, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Cosplay by Fay, Yolk, Vingaard & Thaís Yuki Jussim, Photo by Burm Seon Lee.
Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife & Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, Cosplay by Darcy Keely & DAISY, Photo by Nicholas Vax.

Caius Ballad 2

Caius Ballad vs Noel Kreiss from Final Fantasy XIII-2, Cosplay by Artemis Entreri & Leon Chiro, Photo by Walter Truocchio PH.

Final Fantasy XIII

Yuj, Maqui, Vanille, Lightning & Serah from Final Fantasy XIII. Photo by Belziir Photography.

Edge X Rydia

Edge X Rydia, Photo by Ryou.


Nine from Final Fantasy Type-0, Cosplay Art by Leon Chiro, Photo by Xenolink Photography.


Vivi Amano from Final Fantasy IX, Cosplay by Lan, Photo by Andreas Zimmer.


Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, Cosplay by Lucy, Photo by Rayvenger.

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