Some of the Best DotA 2 Cosplay

DotA 2 is one of the most popular MOBA game around. Originally DotA was just a Mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos but then thanks to it’s immense popularity it grew into this standalone game. Heroes are the essential element of Dota 2, as ofcourse this game is nothing without their intervention.

Thanks to DotA 2’s immensely huge community we have some amazing fan fueled creations. Cosplay is one of them, BTW I was originally going to title this post Heroes of DotA 2 Cosplay but out of the currently available 112 heroes I could only find a very small amount of them presented. Still they are all quite amazing. Check them out

{Above} Cosplay Featuring Alyona as Vengeful Spirit & Mickey as Sky Mage | Photo by Milligan

Kunkka Cosplay 1

Kunkka Cosplay by UebaQQ (from Nova Team) | Photo by Eva

Templar Assassin

Templar Assassin Cosplay by Vera Green | Photo by Milligan

Lina Cosplay

Lina Cosplay by Lucky Strike | Photo by Annet Voronaya 

Windranger Cosplay

Windranger Cosplay by Vera Green | Photo by Yui Lang

Drow Ranger Cosplay

Drow Ranger Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by Milligan

Phantom Assassin Cosplay

Phantom Assassin Cosplay by QTCosplay | Photo by Timothy HK Chow

Dragon Knight Cosplay

Dragon Knight Cosplay by Yoo Jie Shen | Photo by Nicholas Vax

Vengeful Spirit Cosplay

Vengeful Spirit Cosplay by Alyona | Photo by Milligan

Templar Assassin

Templar Assassin Cosplay by CJ | Photo by Jason KohLady Angelus

Bloodseeker Cosplay

Bloodseeker Cosplay by DEN² | Photo by Andi Andrew

Invoker Cosplay

Invoker Cosplay by Andrew | Photo by Milligan

Pudge Cosplay

Pudge Cosplay by Sergei | Photo by Milligan

Iceforged Invoker Cosplay

Iceforged Invoker Cosplay by Victor | Photo by Yui Lang

Rubick Cosplay

Rubick Cosplay by Mickey The Retriever| Photo by Milligan

Phantom Assassin Cosplay 2

Phantom Assassin Cosplay by Алиса Корнева | Photo by Unknown

Undying Cosplay

Undying Cosplay by Abyssmo | Photo by Mr.Neko 

Timbersaw Cosplay

Timbersaw Cosplay by TanakhT | Photo by Made by Cube-o 

Sniper Cosplay

Sniper Cosplay by TanakhT | Photo by Unknown

Traxex Cosplay

Traxex Cosplay by Kenshin Akiharu | Photo by Unknown

Razor Cosplay

Razor Cosplay by Anna | Photo by Kadirov Marat

Lycan Cosplay

Lycan Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by Marek Walczyk 

Tinker Cosplay

Tinker Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by Joshua Yu

Death Prophet Cosplay

Death Prophet Cosplay by Lady Neissa | Photo by Lady Neissa’s Boyfriend

Mortred Cosplay

Mortred Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by Gamersbook

Rubick Cosplay 2

Rubick Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by Fun Channel Network

Queen of Pain Cosplay

Queen of Pain Cosplay by Unknown | Photo by MMOSITE

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