Some Fantastic Foreign Language Sci-Fi Films Worth Watching

If I ask you to name a few Sci-Fi films, I bet most of you would name movies from Hollywood and if I hear anything out of it, probably that would be Akira. Anyways Hollywood has the privileges of getting bigger budgets resulting in a Sci-Fi movie that doesn’t look cheap, say for example — Doctor Who, no matter how amazing it is, it was accompanied with some low quality VFX, even in it’s reboot. I know it’s a TV series, still for a show of this much popularity BBC could had put some more of their budget on VFX. The quality of VFX of Doctor Who has improved significantly now.

Akira Art Eighteen

Coming back to foreign Sci-Fi movies, I know many don’t like the idea of watching anything with subtitles so they stick with English speaking movies, but there are quite amazing gems out there which are amazing, talking about Akira again, who could had imagined such a amazing concept in hollywood and even if he did there could had been slightest of the chances that it could had been made. Anyways, looking at the immense popularity of Anime now, I won’t consider those movies here, still I will make sure I cover some amazing anime movies in different genres in the future.

BTW here are some fantastic international Sci-Fi films you need to see right now.

The Host

The Host

South Korean movies are amazing, they are quite diverse. The Host is Korea’s Godzilla I guess but isn’t all that slow paced like those monster movies but it kinda feels like a zombie movie as they are constantly under threat, day or night it doesn’t matter. It is quite amusing to watch.

Troll Hunter

Troll Hunter

Now this is a Norwegian movie, this movie is just so original, It is about trolls, not the Internet trolls but the mystic ones (Tip: one in the image above). The story follows a trio of college students who want to find out the truth. Armed with a video camera, they trail a mysterious Troll, they are the Troll Hunters who risk their life to find every truth about the secrets of creatures only thought to exist in fairy tales.



Now this time travelling movie comes from Spain, its a mind twisting tale, about a guy who travels back in time using a experimental time machine but this movie isn’t talking about heavy duty decades back time travels but say like hour or less. It kinda has the essence of Steins:Gate which an anime is based upon a similar storyline.

The Clone Returns Home


When I think of anything better off the Japanese cinema I think of Anime, I always find their live-action movies kind of cheesy, not all of them but surely many of them. Still this movies debunks my thinking, the movie is just so much about life and death as it it is about Sci-Fi. It follows an unique story about a guy who is restructured as a clone, the movie showcases the side-effects of cloning and how this guy is lost in his mind.



It is a Chinese movie, based in two different timelines. A part of the story is based in the present while another one in 2046, how they are connected is the amazing art of storytelling of the movie. For a movie which comes from a land of many creative restriction, this one truly is amazing.



A movie from Switzerland, I never expected would be so interesting. The film is truly the Sci-Fi film you would expect. Again the story is quite original. In the year 2267, Earth has become uninhabitable, (surely we are heading there) and Humans have moved from Earth. Richer people moved to a distant planet Rhea and others have settled in the space stations but things aren’t like they think they are.

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