Some Bizarre Marvel Comic Stories You Probably Must Skip

Sometimes writers take their creativity and exploit it vigorously. I mean look at this story by Bob Haney and John Rosenberger where Supergirl and Wonder Woman give up being Superheroes because it is too ‘Manly’. I know that’s really bizarre but that was a more of a humoristic approach. Read that in The Revolt of the Super-Chicks” from Brave & the Bold #63!


So why not look at some of such bizarre marvel comic stories which you probably might wanna skip. I mean just to prevent a mind damage. These stories are best left forgotten.

Spider-Man’s Parents Turn Out to Be Robots

Spider-Man’s Parents Turns Out to Be Robots

This is a three-part storyline from the Amazing Spider-Man #386-388 that revealed that Spider-Man’s parents are robots. One of the oddest master plans a Spider-Man villain ever had. For those still thinking, they weren’t actually his parents but exact replicas of his dead parents.

The Avengers On Late Night With David Letterman

Really Silly

The Avengers #239 does a rather crazy crossover. I mean The Avengers making an appearance on Late Night With David Letterman is the silliest crossover ever written.

Iron Man’s Suit Comes Alive, Falls In Love With Tony Stark

Iron Man'

We all know, no matter how much of Playboy Tony Stark maybe he in a nutshell is a Narcissists. Apparently Iron Man’s suit is brought to life because of a combination of lightning and the Y2K bug. Like all the stories involving Artificial Intelligence, it is nice at the start and goes berserk in the end.

Spider-Man Kills Mary Jane With Radioactive Sperm

Spiderman Sperm

In Spider-Man Reign, it was revealed that Spidey killed his wife MJ with radioactive sperm. No, I am not kidding. Since Spider-Man is a mutant his Radioactive Sperm causes MJ cancer as of which she dies! Horrible!

Archie Meets The Punisher

Archie Meets The Punisher

Imagine a deadly person like Punisher hanging around in teeny weeny Archie, Ridiculous! Right? Actually the story is quite believable but messy and being a Punisher fan you would not want to read it. Apparently Veronica is kidnapped and to recover her from drug mobsters Punisher teams up with Archie.

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